Canned food fun

i've always had a fascination with canned foods. Most disgusting ... a few are not I suppose. I have always wanted to shoot a personal project on these foods and have finally got it off the ground. I wanted it to be bright and playful so I used vivid coloured backgrounds. The project continues! 

Canned Processed Meat

A fish and pizza story

Sometimes it is great to get together with other creatives, put your heads together and produce some new work. I worked on these images with food stylist Sarah Sweeney and prop stylist Christine Roberts, two really great pros and fun to work with. Ron Hartwell assisted. Shot at Album Studios. 

Grilled Whole Fish with Potatoes and Beet Root

Shooting what I love ...

We can't always shoot exactly what we love and frankly my taste for beer had waned quite a bit until the rise of the micro brewpubs. There are so many amazing beers produced in these places with really unique styles and flavours. It really re-ignited my love of beer. That make this assignment a fun one. Four brewpubs in two days ... 


Time for summer

For some people summer means the beach, barbecue and patios. For me, it means gelato season. I'm lying a a bit because I love all the other things about summertime, but I have fond memories of strolling around the piazzas in Rome eating incredible gelato. 

The simples things in life

I love shooting something simple and making it come to life with lighting. This beautiful loaf of ciabatta is a thing of beauty on its own, but with a dramatic lighting to bring out its texture and shape it comes to life. 

Going wild with citrus!

Well we kind of went overboard with this citrus shoot .... but it was so much fun it was hard to stop! 

New Stocky shoot: Ramen

I really enjoyed this shoot, partially because I love ramen so much. It is not something I would normally make myself, since there are so many great ramen restaurants in Toronto that are so inexpensive. As well the broth really needs to cook for two full days! 

 And then there are the raw instant noodles! Could not resist shooting some of these. 

And then there are the raw instant noodles! Could not resist shooting some of these. 

Breakfast Time

Good morning! Eggs are back on the "good for you list" which is a good thing ... because I love them. One of my favourite ways to make them is in a frittata. Simple to make and delicious. All you need is a cast iron pan and a little TLC.